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Let's take Notes on your iPad

Let me guess: You saw some stunning pictures of some iPad on Instagram. You saw that other people are using their iPad for university and are taking super beautiful notes with it. And you want to do that too.

I know your struggles. Been there, done that. And now I got your back. You will not have to browse endless hours of Youtube videos or thousands of Instagram posts to get the information you want and need. 

I give them to you! All combined in this book.

Does this sound like you?

You were super EXCITED to start taking notes digitally, but it kind of doesn’t feel as easy going as you thought. Now you ask yourself if you should have stuck to classic pen and paper…

You see all these pretty notes online but you can’t seem to FIGURE OUT HOW to do it. You started watching hours of app tours on YouTube and other tutorials, but you still feel intimidated. 

You spent so much money on a tablet and thought you will bring your notes to a whole NEW LEVEL. Instead, you still use the same pen, three highlighters, and one paper type in GoodNotes. 

You know there are a ton of free resources online, but you just DON’T FEEL IN THE MOOD anymore to browse the whole web. You just want one person to guide you through the app, so you can start to get creative.

You're not alone

You’re experiencing this problem because...

The first step is to understand the application you are using. In this case, it’s the GoodNotes app. If you don’t know about the functions and possibilities, you cant use its full potential. 

But you are not the only one. Starting with your digital note-taking journey is a switch that isn’t easy at the beginning.

I know your struggles. Been there, done that. And now I got your back. It took me over a year to fully get into the app and understand it’s full potential and I collected all my information through try and error, tutorials, Instagram, YouTube… like from everywhere. But you can save your time, I put ALL the information in the ebook, so you don’t have to search the web like I once did. 


Imagine the Possibility

What if I told you...

… that you will never miss the classic pen and paper again?

… that going digital is the best and most future orientated thing to do?

…that you can create stunning and outstanding notes as well?

Your life before the ebook:

Your life after the ebook:


Let's take Notes on your iPad - The Beginners Guide to GoodNotes

Don’t wait any longer! Get started right away and become a real GoodNotes fan in seconds.

Table of Content

How the eBook is structured

Not convinced yet? That’s fine! I will give you some insights into the structure of the ebook so you get a better impression of what is waiting for you. 

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What's included

Main parts of the eBook

Questions you might have

Questions that will be answered...


What others think about the eBook


KAYLA: I bought the book straight away when it was published and I just love everything about it! Every page is beautiful designed and included handwritten notes and doodles. She really gets into the topic and gives a great overview of GoodNotes and its functions. It’s also well structured and easy to understand. 


JODI:  Definitely recommend this for anyone using Goodnotes. It’s colorful, well thought-out, and easy to follow along and understand. Lots of important and useful information.

I give this 4.5 out of 5 stars because I always think there’s room for improvement.


TEWANA: I really love the ebook and the design… She gets really personal about herself in this cute and unique way.

She is nice and friendly. She responded to my questions in a timely manner. I would recommend this book to a beginner who is new to GoodNotes.

try the ebook and leave your own feedback

I am always here for you!

If you buy the ebook (or even if not) I am always here for you. If a question is not answered to your full satisfaction, just send an email to support[at] and I am happy to assist! And if you are happy with your purchase, make sure to let others know about it. Reviews are always a great base to make a decision, so help others!

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Get to know the author

Hello, I'm Antonia

I am a 21 years old university student in Hamburg, Germany. I study Media Management & Communication and I deal with the same daily issues as you. So let’s be friends and grow together!

Want to be connected on a daily basis? Then make sure to check out my Instagram account. I share daily content and try to inspire and motivate as many people as I can. Maybe you need a boost of productivity too?


You've got questions?

The ebook is only available in English. Other languages are currently not planned. But the writing style is easy to understand and uses mostly basic words. The graphics and doodles also help to understand each message.

Because I don’t want to spoil too much of the ebook, I don’t give many looks inside. But if you check out the story highlight “my ebook” on Instagram, you get a good impression of the style and content. 

I thought about the price for a long time and figured out that it represents the time and effort I put into creating the ebook the best way. I don’t want to sneak anyones money out their pockets, but I also believe that quality work and effort have their own price. 

Generally, if you purchase one of the products, it will lead you back to your browser’s confirmation page after payment, where you can see the file and download it. Alternatively, you can sign in to your account (if you didn’t check out as a guest), go to your order details and download it there. You also get a confirmation email after payment with a link to click, which will also guide you to download. If you haven’t received the confirmation email, please check your junk and promotion folder first. If the email isn’t there, please contact customer support at, including your order number or full name. Your problem will then be solved individually.

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