“The Simple Bundle” – Minimalistic Notebooks with Light and Dark Paper and over 280 Digital Stickers


This bundle includes all three products from “The Simple”-collection. So you will get…

And instead of paying for everything separately, you can buy the whole bundle for a special price and even save some money! These digital products work with any PDF annotation app on any device. This includes Apple and Samsung.


The Simple Notebook & The Dark Simple Notebook

Organize your study notes in my minimalistic digital notebook: “The Simple Notebook” & “The Dark Simple Notebook”.

I often see a lot of lovely digital notebook designs, with lots of features and functions, but honestly… the tab design most of the time takes up a lot of space and the navigating of all the included content is sometimes so complex, you need a Ph.D. to get it. But note-taking should be simple and a notebook should support your workflow and not slow it down.

So it was time I take my turn and come up with my own ideal digital notebook design for GoodNotes and Co.

What’s included…

So start organizing your notes with my digital notebook – separated into 5 individual dividers! Fully hyperlinked for easy navigating, space-saving design, 25 paper templates in light and dark (for everyone’s taste), and 5 pastel gradient covers for mix and match.

You need a third-party app like GoodNotes to use the full functionality of the notebook. Make sure to activate the “pen mode” in GoodNotes before tapping on the hyperlinks.

Comes in PDF DIN A4 format (210 x 297 mm /8.2 x 11.6 inch).

Jump through each paper template by using the Paper Template page or jump by sections using the navigation at the bottom. Label your sections on the index page. Duplicate and move pages as you like – hyperlinks will be copied as well.

The Simple Stickers

  • Simple, minimal design
  • 280+ stickers in total
  • Perfect fit in combination with “The Simple Notebook” and “The Dark Simple Notebook”
  • Mix and Match options – Combine the stickers for your personal need
  • 10 pastel colors, 3 fonts, several shapes
  • Sticky notes, page flags, washi tape, icons, symbols and typography
  • Lot’s of planner, school and study related words
  • Multiple color combinations
  • Installation guide included

Stickers come in PNG file size and can be used with ANY APP or DEVICE (not just GoodNotes and not just Apple) that supports the importing of images. Also does work with the GoodNotes Elements feature. Step by Step guide is included. 

The set includes over 280 single stickers in several colors and shapes. You will find…

  • Sticky Notes
  • Page Flags
  • Washi Tape
  • Icons
  • Symbols
  • Typography

The stickers can be combined with easy mix and match, so you have the freedom to create visuals that fit your need. Put text and shapes together, to come up with your personal solutions. Use the icons to pimp your study notes, choose the sticky notes for highlighting important information. The possibilities are endless! So start creating and pimping your notes.

Terms and Conditions:

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Due to the digital nature of my products, no refunds or exchange can be issued. If there is a problem with your digital file, please contact me so I can rectify the situation.


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