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21.01.2022 IMPORTANT MESSAGE: Due to a technical issue/ mistake all previous sign-up data was deleted. Don’t worry, it’s just gone. But this also means, everyone who signed-up for the newsletter in the past to get access to the freebie library is not signed-up anymore (only if you signed up after the 21.01.2022 2:00 pm). This means you have to sign-up again. The password changed, to get the new one in the welcome mail you have to sign-up again. So sorry for the inconvienence.

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Hey there! I have something really special for you! I give you free and unlimited access to all my notes from school, university, as well as exclusive guides and templates! 

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I will constantly update the library with new notes, freebies, and guides. All updates will always be sent by mail, so make sure to check once in a while. Some examples of what is included in the freebie library are:


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This email very often goes straight into people’s junk folders, so please make sure to check your junk and promotion folder first. Especially if you use Gmail as your email provider. Please log in on your computer if you couldn’t find the email on your phone. If the welcome email, including the password, was not in your inbox, your junk folder, or promotion folder and you couldn’t see it on your phone, tablet, or computer, please send an email to customer service at support@dailystudyshop.com and tell us the email you signed up with. Your problem will then be solved individually.

I will update the freebie library whenever I create a new guide or new notes and inform everyone that signed up for the newsletter. Please keep in mind that I make those notes for myself, and even though I am happy to share them, I am not actually making them directly for you. So they might be confusing for you, or not complete, or something else. I also do only take notes on subjects I attend myself and which are relevant to my major.

I do not make custom notes or notes which are not relevant to my own studies. Even though I love creating notes, I don’t have any spare time for custom notes. Sorry!

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