About Me

Hello, I'm Antonia

I am a 22 years old university student in Hamburg, Germany. I study Media Management & Communication and I deal with the same daily issues as you. So let’s be friends and grow together!

Want to be connected on a daily basis? Then make sure to check out my Instagram account. I share daily content and try to inspire and motivate as many people as I can. Maybe you need a boost of productivity too?

Hi there, I'm Antonia and this is my story...

I always find it really difficult to write something about me. It’s not the writing itself, it’s the thoughts of what others want to read about me. Do they want to know about what I do in my free time? Or what I study and where I work at? Do they want to know about my daily life struggles or how I try to deal with them? I really don’t know… On the other hand are telling me people on my social accounts what an inspiration I am for them and they called me an idol once in a while. So I must do something right. And maybe should just stick with it. 

I think one of my most iconic traits is my honesty and transparency. I don’t share everything online, but I try really hard to look like a “real” person and not an Instagram polished fake character that puts perfectionistic pressure on others. Because I think it’s important. We live in times where social media changed the way we live and think and even though there are lots of advantages, it also puts an unbelievable high pressure on every single one of us. Especially the younger generation. And I belong to this group, so my claim is to not make it worse.

So what started as a helpless attempt to motivate myself to study, turned quickly into a fast growing Instagram account with an increasing potential to influence people. And not just people, but students like me. And I couldn’t be more thankful for this development. It also opened my mind to new ideas and inspiration and this is why I started the dailystudyshop. I Don’t just want to inspire students and share beautiful content with them, I also want to give something back. Knowledge about how to do all the things by themself, helpful tools and free access to all my notes – because seriously, I’ve got asked about them so many times, that there was just no way around – and also the feeling that they are not alone and can achieve whatever they want. Combined with my strong passion for website making and content creation and the wish to someday found my own company, evolved in the making and founding of this online shop and soon to be blog. At this current state, I am not sure where this will lead me, but I have a strong vision and a mind exploding from so much creativity, that I am sure this journey will be awesome. And I am so happy to share all of it with you. 

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You might ask yourself why I started to sell certain products, when I am talking about helping and inspiring you…

You might think, that buying these products will only help me making money… And yes, you are right. It for sure would help me. But please keep in mind, that I put so much time into the creation of content for you all and that I only create and sell things, I think could be helpful for you.

They are only things I use myself or have clear knowledge about. And of course I know that you are propably a student and have limited budget, so I always price them fair. I don’t try to sneak money out of your pocket, I try to give you access to meaningful things I belive really can help you. And if you see this the same way, I would be so happy if you support me and my journey with a purchase. It would mean the world to me!

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