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Are you new to digital note-taking? Are you using the GoodNotes app but having no idea how to create stunning notes with it? Are you a #studygram account but your photos don’t stand out? Don’t worry, I got your back.


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Let's take Notes on your iPad using GoodNotes

Let me guess: You saw that other people are using their iPad for university and are taking super beautiful notes with it. And you want to do that too.


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… and choose between a wide range of stunning editing styles. It’s your time to shine and be the next viral #studygrammer.

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Let's take Notes on your iPad - A Beginners Guide to GoodNotes

Adobe Lightroom Preset: "Antonias Collection" 5-in-1 Bundle

Adobe Lightroom Preset "Gold Original"

Adobe Lightroom Preset "Rainbow High"

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Hello, I'm Antonia

I am a 21 years old university student in Hamburg, Germany. I study Media Management & Communication and I deal with the same daily issues as you. So let’s be friends and grow together!

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Learn how I create my note titles in the free Over app. For more inspiration, tutorials and unboxings, check out my YouTube channel.


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I stumbled across Antonia’s account and never left since. Her posts are just so motivating and inspiring. I study business administration too, so her notes became very helpful for me too. I am excited for everything she has planned for the future!